Experiments were conducted to determine the aerodynamic and torque characteristics of adjacent rotating disks enclosed in a shroud. These experiments were performed to obtain an extended data base for advanced turbine designs such as the counterrotating turbine. Torque measurements were obtained on both disks in the rotating frame of reference for corotating, counterrotating, and one-rotating/one-static disk conditions. The disk models used in the experiments included disks with typical smooth turbine geometry, disks with bolts, disks with bolts and partial bolt covers, and flat disks. A windage diaphragm was installed at midcavity for some experiments. The experiments were conducted with various amounts of coolant throughflow injected into the disk cavity from the disk hub or from the disk o.d. with swirl. The experiments were conducted at disk tangential Reynolds number up to 1.6 × 107 with air as the working fluid. The results of this investigation indicated that the static shroud contributes a significant amount to the total friction within the disk system, the torque on counterrotating disks is essentially independent of coolant flow total rate, flow direction, and tangential Reynolds number over the range of conditions tested, and a static windage diaphragm reduces disk friction in counterrotating disk systems.

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