Utilizing the theory and numerical procedure developed by the authors in an earlier publication the influence of lubricant starvation on minimum film thickness was investigated. This study of lubricant starvation was performed simply by moving the inlet boundary closer to the contact center. From the results it was found that for the range of conditions considered the value of dimensionless inlet distance at the boundary between fully flooded and starved conditions (m*) can be expressed simply as
that is, for a dimensionless inlet distance (m) less than m*, starvation occurs, and for m ≥ m*, a fully flooded condition exists. Furthermore, it has been possible to express the central and minimum film thickness for a starved condition as
Contour plots of the pressure and film thickness in and around the contact are shown for the fully flooded and starved lubricant condition. From these contour plots it was observed that the pressure spike becomes suppressed and the film thickness decreases substantially as starvation increases.
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