Lubricant jet flow impingement and penetration depth into a gear tooth space were measured at 4920 and 2560 using a 8.89-cm- (3.5-in.) pitch dia 8 pitch spur gear at oil pressures from 7 × 104 to 41 × 104 N/m2 (10 psi to 60 psi). A high speed motion picture camera was used with xenon and high speed stroboscopic lights to slow down and stop the motion of the oil jet so that the impingement depth could be determined. An analytical model was developed for the vectorial impingement depth and for the impingement depth with tooth space windage effects included. The windage effects on the oil jet were small for oil drop size greater than 0.0076 cm (0.003 in.). The analytical impingement depth compared favorably with experimental results above an oil jet pressure of 7 × 104 N/m2 (10 psi). Some of this oil jet penetrates further into the tooth space after impingement. Much of this post impingement oil is thrown out of the tooth space without further contacting the gear teeth.

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