Preliminary results are presented for the case of titanium blade specimens, with bare tips (or covered with wear resistant, plasma sprayed materials) rubbing at 100 m/s against specimens of abradable nickel-chromium seal material moving toward the rotating blades at 0.0125 mm/s or at 0.025 mm/s. Using a two component dynamometer, the normal force of the rub interaction was measured and the shear component estimated. The elastoplastic properties of the seal material have been determined and those parameters as well as the rigidity of the rub tester system are considered in conjunction with those affecting the accuracy of the measurement of the forces arising at the blade-seal interface. The average and the “local instantaneous” temperatures of the seal specimen and the temperature of the blade tip surface during rubbing are presented as functions of time. A seal densification factor is defined and its functional relationships with contact force components, temperature, wear ratio and blade tip abrading capability are indicated.

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