An analytical prediction method of brittle and ductile creep rupture life of 1CrMoV steel notched thick plate is proposed. Rupture time is evaluated as a sum of crack initiation life ti and crack growth life tp. In the case of ductile creep at high stresses, ti is evaluated by the creep deformation criteria. In addition, in the case of brittle creep at low stresses, ti is evaluated by Kachanov’s damage mechanics theory. Materials constants in Kachanov’s theory can be determined by the relatively short-term creep rupture test of notched specimen, etc., according to the present method. Creep rupture test, interrupted creep test, and micro-structural observation, have been used, which can explain the variety of material behavior, i.e., notch weakening at low stresses and notch strengthening at high stresses. In addition, in this analysis the analytically estimated creep crack initiation life corresponds to the time to creep void initiation just inside the notch root.

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