A small modular lead-cooled fast spectrum core concept called ALMANAR designed to produce 45 MWth power for 22 years operating without refuelling was proposed in a previous study. The neutronics investigation showed its excellent inherent safety features. It could be considered as a candidate for future electricity source for the near future. It is noteworthy that the target accuracy for eigenvalue calculation for keff regardless of spectrum is set to 300 pcm. However, findings in this analysis revealed that the keff uncertainty was larger for the recently released nuclear data libraries (about 800 pcm), mostly from 235U capture cross section (624 pcm) in the case of ENDF/B-VIII.0 and 238U inelastic scattering cross section (437 pcm) in the case of JENDL-5. Selected kinetic parameters of the ALMANAR core and their uncertainty were also evaluated and analysed. No major impact on the total ßeff, leffeff and λeff simulation results was found. In order to improve the reliability of criticality calculations of the lead-cooled small fast reactor, the accuracy of capture and fission cross section of 235,238U, the capture cross section of 10B and the elastic scattering cross section of 208Pb at the fast energy range of ENDF/B-VIII.0 should be improved. Furthermore, the inelastic scattering and capture cross section of 238U, fission and capture cross section of 235U and the capture cross section of 10B of JENDL-5 should also be improved.

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