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Just Accepted Manuscript

Research Papers November 25, 2021
If a picture is worth 1000 words, is a word worth 1000 features for design metric estimation?
Discussions November 23, 2021
Discussion: “Bayesian Optimal Design of Experiments for Inferring the Statistical Expectation of Expensive Black-Box Functions” (Pandita, P., Bilionis, I., and Panchal, J., 2019. ASME. J. Mech. Des. 141(10): 101404)
Technical Briefs November 23, 2021
Design and Analysis of a Compact Piezo-actuated Microgripper with a Large Amplification Ratio
Guest Editorial November 23, 2021
Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Design
Research Papers November 18, 2021
Fluid-thermal topology optimization of gas turbine blade internal cooling ducts
Research Papers November 18, 2021
Design, analysis and test of a novel cylinder-driven mode applied to microgripper
Research Papers November 18, 2021
An integrated surrogate modeling method for fusing noisy and noise-free data
Research Papers November 18, 2021
Robust topology optimization of graphene platelets reinforced functionally graded materials considering hybrid bounded uncertainties
Research Papers November 15, 2021
OTL-PEM: an optimization-based two-layer pointwise ensemble of surrogate models
Technical Briefs November 8, 2021
Rapid Response! Investigating the Effects of Problem Definition on the Characteristics of Additively Manufactured Solutions for COVID-19
Research Papers November 5, 2021
Stochastic Crashworthiness Optimization Accounting for Simulation Noise
Technical Briefs November 5, 2021
Phrase Embedding and Clustering for Sub-Feature Extraction from Online Data
Research Papers November 5, 2021
A Reliability-Based Formulation for Simulation-Based Control Co-design Using Generalized Polynomial Chaos Expansion
Design Innovation Paper November 5, 2021
Design and Experimental Characterization of Hydraulically-actuated Revolute Joint based on Multimaterial Additive Manufacturing
Research Papers October 29, 2021
Algebraic Method for Exact Synthesis of 1-DOF Linkages With Arbitrarily Prescribed Constant Velocity Ratios
Research Papers October 29, 2021
Inverse Design of 2D Airfoils using Conditional Generative Models and Surrogate Log-Likelihoods
Research Papers October 29, 2021
Design as a Marked Point Process
Research Papers October 28, 2021
Novel Design of a Rotation Centre Auto-Matched Ankle Rehabilitation Exoskeleton with Decoupled Control Capacity
Research Papers October 28, 2021
An image-driven uncertainty inverse method for sheet metal forming problems
Research Papers October 18, 2021
Development of Technical Creativity Featuring Modified TRIZ-AM Inventive Principle to Support Additive Manufacturing
Research Papers October 18, 2021
GANTL: Towards Practical and Real-Time Topology Optimization with Conditional GANs and Transfer Learning
Research Papers October 11, 2021
Research Papers September 29, 2021
Can Induced Gratitude Improve Creative Performance on Repurposing Tasks?
Research Papers August 2, 2021
High-Dimensional Reliability Method Accounting for Important and Unimportant Input Variables
Research Papers April 1, 2020
Design of a specialized tractor to replace draft animals in small farms
Announcements November 1, 2013
Special Issue 2014: Biologically-Inspired Design
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