It is with great pleasure that we compiled the Special Issue Recent Advances in Micro, Nano, and Cellular Composite Materials of the Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology (JEMT). In this special issue, a total of 18 articles from leading research groups, covering the broad area of multidisciplinary materials in different length and size scales, are presented. All papers published in this special issue were selected from those presented at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during November 12–18, 2010.

It is our expectation that the papers published in this special issue will be of lasting value for researchers and educators, and contribute to our understanding of micro, nano, and cellular composite materials.

The editors would like to gratefully acknowledge the authors for their contributions and the reviewers for their insightful suggestions and criticisms. Finally, the editors acknowledge chief editor Dr. Hussein M. Zbib for his motivation and expert guidance throughout the publication process of this special issue.