The procedure of the determination of yield and ultimate strengths of irradiated 2 1/4 Cr-1 M0 steel using small punch specimen (10 mm by 10 mm by 0.5 mm) has been demonstrated. The result was compared with the result obtained from conventional tensile test. Fracture toughness of irradiated 2 1/4 Cr-1 M0 steel was measured by use of subsized CT specimen and D. C. electrical potential method. Owing to irradiation hardening of 2 1/4 Cr-1 M0 steel, yield and ultimate strength increase substantially and fracture toughness decreases 37 percent when the steel is irradiated to a fluence of 3.2 x 1023 n/m2. The small punch and subsized CT specimen can be used for irradiation test so that considerable irradiation space will be saved.

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