Resin systems used in wet filament winding differ from those used in prepreg laminates. However it is possible to use the resins from prepreg systems in filament winding by using prepreg tows. A characterization study was carried out to investigate the matrix dominated properties of filament wound systems using AS4/3501-6 carbon/epoxy. This 3501-6 resin system is normally used in layed up prepreg laminates. The tests used were torsion combined with axial tension and compression of thin-walled tubes. The results showed the shear and cross fiber properties to be similar to those seen in layed up prepreg systems, and considerably higher than obtained with usual wet filament winding resins. Additional tests were performed on [±45]2s filament wound cylinders. Shear properties from these tests agreed well with the torsion tests at low stress levels, but were quite different at high stresses due to microcracking and state of stress effects.

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