A novel system combining dynamic flash evaporation and vapor separation for desalination has been investigated in this work. The feed water passes through injection tubes which are connected to injector passages installed tangentially onto a separator tube. Flashing in the injection tubes is initiated from pressure drop due to friction and acceleration resulting in a two-phase mixture. Centrifugal force from tangential injection separates the two-phase mixture. In this compact system, vapor production and phase separation occur on the order of several milli seconds. Tap water and sea water were used as inlet feed water for the system. Thermal conversion efficiency to analyze the vapor production efficacy and phase separation efficiency to evaluate the purity of the condensate were investigated to evaluate the system. Thermal conversion and phase separation efficiencies up to 98% were obtained with the single stage system. Further improvement in purity of condensate was achieved with a two-stage system. In the two-stage system the vapor captured along with some entrained droplets from the first stage was directed to a second set of injector passages connected in series to the first stage retrieval tube. With a two-stage system and sea water with salt concentration by mass of 2.5%, collected condensate with salt concentrations lower than 0.02% by mass were achieved, which is comparable to that of potable water. Thus, the novel dynamic flash evaporation and vapor separation system has been demonstrated to be very effective in producing potable water.

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