Results are presented of a research on an optimum cascade problem in two-dimensional subsonic flow at SVUSS (National Research Institute for Machine Design, Bechovice). The optimisation is based on a determination of the optimum velocity distribution (OVD) and on the solution of the inverse cascade problem. The OVD has been ascertained from a variational problem formulated by Sˇpacˇek as follows: to find such a velocity distribution on the suction surface for which the momentum thickness at the trailing edge has a minimum value. The problem was solved by Ru˚zˇicˇka using a simplified boundary layer method. Inverse cascade problem due to Pola´sˇek was employed to calculate the cascade geometry for a given optimum velocity distribution and the given stagger angle and the space chord ratio. Series of compressor cascades having the optimum velocity distributions has been designed by means of a digital computer. Some cascades of the series were tested in the low-speed windtunnel as well as at the high subsonic speeds. Reasonable agreement between the predicted and the experimental pressure distributions, flow deflection and loss coefficient has been achieved.

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