Under Gas Research Institute (GRI) sponsorship, a new gas turbine cogeneration system was developed by Mechanical Technology, Inc., (MTI) for installation at a General Motors plant in early 1985. Specific emphasis was placed on system integration. A single, prime-reliable drive train and a single control center replace a wide assortment of nonintegrated, free-standing power drives and control centers. On-line availability, installation costs, and overall user acceptance are improved. The cogeneration set produces 3 MWe and 8,860 kg/hr (19,500 lb/hr) of 1825 kPa (250 psig) saturated steam using an Allison 501-KH gas turbine and a natural circulation waste heat boiler. The system is designed for multifuel operation using either natural gas or distillate oil. A steam injection feature is employed to increase output to 4 MWe when process steam demand diminishes. The system is prepackaged, skid mounted, and delivered in four modules: one each for the machinery, duct burner, waste heat boiler, and controls.

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