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Biomedical Applications of Vibration and Acoustics in Imaging and Characterizations

Mostafa Fatim
Mostafa Fatim
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Ahmed Al-Jumaily
Ahmed Al-Jumaily
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ASME Press
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In hypertension and aging, central elastic arteries become stiffer, and hence, the central pulse pressure is augmented because of the increase in the pulse wave velocity and the early return of reflected waves to the heart from the periphery. Valuable information on arterial properties such as stiffness can be obtained from both central (aortic) and peripheral (radial) pressure waveforms. A feasibility study for the non-invasive estimation of arterial stiffness using pressure waves detected by a pneumatic cuff wrapped around the upper arm is presented. The propagation and reflection of arterial pressure waves (generated by the heart) in the central elastic...

9.1 Basic Concepts
9.1.1 Non-Invasive Stiffness Detection Methods
9.1.2 Cardiovascular Models
9.1.3 Cuff-Soft Tissue Artery Models
9.2 Theoretical Formulation
9.2.1 Acoustic Model
9.2.2 Cuff-Soft Tissue-Brachial Artery Model
9.3 Model Development and Simulation
9.3.1 Acoustic Model
9.3.2 Cuff-Soft Tissue-Brachial Artery Model
9.3.3 Combined Model
9.4 Model Results and Applications
9.4.1 Simulation and Feature Extraction
9.4.2 Effect of Artery Stiffness
9.4.3 Effect of Artery Radius
9.4.4 Effect of Aortic Thickness
9.4.5 Effect of Heart Rate
9.4.6 Effect of Cuff Pressure
9.4.7 Applications
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