9R57. Non-Smooth Thermomechanics. - M Fremond (Laboratoire Lagrange, LCPC, 58 Blvd Lefebve, Paris Cedex 15, 75732, France). Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2002. 480 pp. ISBN 3-540-66500-5. $89.95.

Reviewed by MV Shitikova (Dept of Struct Mech, Voronezh State Univ of Architec and Civil Eng, ul Kirova 3-75, Voronezh, 394018, Russia).

Non-smooth thermomechanical processes occurring in different solids are considered in this book consisting of 14 chapters, an appendix, list of 256 references, and a subject index. A finite number of the quantities that characterize the state of a material or of a structure, ie, the state quantities, are introduced in Chapter 1. The author deals not only with the discontinuous state quantities and their time-derivatives, but also includes into consideration different constraints and limitations imposed on the state quantities due to physical and/or geometrical properties of each particular problem. The account for these two aspects results in non-smooth equations with the corresponding non-smooth...

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