Propagating fatigue cracks can have detrimental effects on the reliability of rotating machinery. An early crack warning can considerably extend the durability of these very expensive machines, increasing their reliability at the same time. Vibration monitoring as a means of detecting crack initiation has been receiving much interest. A detailed study of the vibrational behavior of cracked rotating shafts, therefore, is an important problem for engineers working in the area of the dynamics of machines. This article presents a review of the field of the dynamics of cracked rotors, including the modeling of the cracked part of the structure and finding different detection procedures to diagnose fracture damage. The material should be helpful to scientists and researchers working in this area or planning to work in it in the future. Since the study of nonrotating, cracked structural elements obviously is relevant to the cracked rotor problem, the review can also be a basis for discussing the dynamics of cracked beams and columns.

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