The prorogation of electro-magneto-elastic coupled shear-horizontal waves in one dimensional infinite periodic piezoelectric waveguides is considered within a full system of the Maxwell’s equations. Such setting of the problem allows to investigate the Bloch-Floquet waves in a wide range of frequencies. Two different conditions along the guide walls and three kinds of transmission conditions at the interfaces between the laminae of waveguides have been studied. Stop band structures have been identified for Bloch-Floquet waves both at acoustic and optical frequencies. The results demonstrate the significant effect of piezoelectricity on the widths of band gaps at acoustic frequencies and confirm that it does not affect the band structure at optical frequencies. The results show that under electrically shorted transmission conditions Bloch-Floquet waves exist only at acoustic frequencies. For electrically open interfaces the dynamic setting provides solutions only for photonic crystals. In this case the piezoelectricity has no effect on band gaps.

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