Throughout the cardiac cycle the Mitral Valve (MV) experiences complex mechanical and hemodynamic loading [1]. Dysfunction of the MV may have devastating consequences and has been associated with high morbidity and mortality. Surgical repair techniques are available to treat malfunctioning MVs [2]. However, it is likely that interventions such as surgical repair may cause alterations in the loading conditions and associated deformations of the MV. In consequence such alterations could result in detrimental remodeling and disturb normal valve function. It is therefore essential to characterize the MV under in-vivo conditions as accurately as possible and thereby establish a baseline of the normal valve. Even though excellent research has been conducted in-vivo [3], in-vitro [4], as well as in-silico [5], the Anterior Mitral Valve Leaflet (AMVL) has never been characterized from a mechanical perspective across its entire surface. The goal of this study is, hence, to provide a more complete picture of the deformations across the entire AMVL in the beating heart.

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