Hydrogen energy is a kind of efficient, clean and pollution-free green energy, so it is considered as an important part of future energy structure. With more and more attention paid to hydrogen energy in the world, many countries have started the strategic layout, development and utilization of hydrogen energy. Standards provide a crucial technical support for guiding technological advance, industrial transformation and the direction of progress. China and other countries in the world have begun to formulate hydrogen energy standards. High pressure hydrogen storage is one of the most important parts in hydrogen energy industry. The maturity of high pressure hydrogen storage technology directly determines whether the strategic goal of hydrogen energy can be realized. Hence, a brief comparative study has been made between China national standards and International organization for standardization standards based on the following five aspects: technical code for hydrogen fueling station construction, hydrogen systems, metallic material compatibility in hydrogen atmosphere, construction of hydrogen storage vessels, inspection of in-service pressure equipment used in hydrogen fueling station. In order to promote the high-quality development of hydrogen energy industry and achieve the goal of “carbon neutrality” and “peak emissions” in China, it is necessary to strengthen standardization in the test methods for evaluating material compatibility in hydrogen atmosphere and method for hydrogen storage vessels construction used in hydrogen fueling station.

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