Hydrogen is important clean, secondary energy and is considered to be one of the important solutions to achieve the goal of “peak carbon dioxide emission and carbon neutrality”. The industrial chain for hydrogen includes the production, storage, transportation, refueling, and terminal utilization, etc. The safe and efficient storage and transportation of hydrogen is a bottleneck problem that needs to be solved urgently in the development of hydrogen industry. The needs for development of hydrogen energy in China have been briefly introduced in the context of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. The failure modes and damage mechanisms of the typical hydrogen storage and transportation pressure equipments have been discussed. The current development status of hydrogen storage and transportation pressure equipments, in terms of the design, manufacturing and maintenance technologies, has been reviewed. Combined with the development trends such as high-pressure, low-temperature, large-capacity and high-density, etc., and focused on different application scenarios including gaseous and liquid hydrogen, technical challenges have been analyzed on safety utilization of hydrogen storage (stationary storage at the refueling stations and on-board storage on fuel cell vehicles) and transportation pressure equipments. The relevant research suggestions on the long-term safety guarantee of the hydrogen storage and transportation pressure equipments have been proposed.

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