In the deep sea, one of the main threats to the structural safety of ships is the impact load caused by reef. This paper established a numerical calculation model which is suitable for simulating the impact load on reef in the deep sea. The model considers the coupling effects of large deformation, fluid-structure interaction, and material plastic deformation. The mesh size, material constitutive model and fluid structure coupling method are studied. The explicit dynamic analysis method is verified by the AISI experiment which there is little difference between the numerical simulation results and the experimental results. Based on the method, the model considering the effect of fluid-structure interaction (FSI) is established and the effectiveness of the FSI is verified by the theoretical results of the national military standard. Then, fluid structure interaction algorithm is studied. Finally, the model which is suitable for simulating the collision between ship and reef in deep sea is established. The effect of reef size and shape on the impact load was studied. It can be seen that the shape and size of the reef mainly affect the contact area and contact stiffness and have a great impact on the impact load. It can provide load input for the structural design of ship and ship equipments. In addition, the model has strong applicability and can be used to calculate the impact load in deep sea. However, the impact load caused by reef also depends on the material property of the ship and reefs condition of the navigation area.

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