One of the most challenging aspects when performing on-site piping troubleshooting is to obtain the most pertinent information possible regarding piping behavior: acceleration, stress, pressure levels, etc. This last parameter is always difficult to obtain because when pressure taps are available on the line, they are rarely in the area of interest.

PVDF (PolyVinyliDene Fluoride) wire makes it possible to perform non-intrusive pressure measurements but needs to be calibrated in order to have a good representation of phenomenon occurring inside the pipe. After development of a dedicated calibrator and calculation of the fluid/structure coupling coefficient, VibraTec is able to assess PVDF sensor sensitivity according to client’s installation characteristics.

Non-intrusive measurements provide a good accuracy regarding phenomenon amplitude and frequency localization even though some temperature restrictions apply to PVDF measurements.

Although PVDF sensors seem to be simple to implement, particular attention must be paid during installation as this has a direct influence on the PVDF response.

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