In-Vessel Retention (IVR) is one of appropriate severe accident mitigation strategies for AP1000 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), and assurance of prevention against to thermal failure and structural failure of Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPV) is the prerequisite of IVR. A Finite Element Model fora RPV considering lower head melting was established, the creep calculation was carried out after the temperature field analysis, and the stress-strain responses for different times were obtained. By means of choosing representative evaluation sections and applying the Accumulative Damage Theory based on Larson-Miller Parameter, the Creep Damage calculations and evaluations were conducted. The results showed that the failure modes associated with creep rupture would not happen under IVR condition when a certain amount of internal pressure sustained. The approaches employed in this paper could be utilized in structural integrity evaluation of RPV under IVR for other new type NPPs.

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