A quick opening closure using a new rubber sealing ring was proposed in this paper, which can be used in natural gas transmission filters. An innovative saddle-shaped sealing ring with the feature of floatability was designed for substituting of traditional rubber C-ring. A lager gap could be allowed between the door and the top flange which made the assembling and disassembling easier than before. The theory of strength calculation and check for the whole steel structure were also presented. For an actual engineering case, a device with internal diameter of DN1550 (62inches) and design pressure of 12.6MPa (1827.5psi) was designed by rule according to Chinese national standard GB150 and analyzed by FEA (ANASYS). In addition, the sealing performance was simulated by FEM analysis (ABAQUS). Finally, the prototype was produced and the experiments for its sealing and load-bearing performance using hydrostatic test and stress test were carried out successfully.

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