In the present paper a complete numerical study of a 1:5 scaled four-storey steel-frame structure with the application of Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) is reported. In particular, Passive Tuned Mass Dampers (PTMD), Semi-Active Tuned Mass Dampers (SATMD), and Hybrid Tuned Mass Dampers (HTMD) were considered and compared. The initial aim of this work was to define a Simplified Equivalent Model to be conveniently utilized for simulations instead of a realistic Prototype Numerical Model in order to estimate the designing parameters of the devices with good approximation and sensible time calculation saving. Subsequently, the feasibility, the reliability and the effectiveness of the considered seismic control techniques were also assessed. The results of the numerical analysis showed how the use of a simplified model allows to estimate the designing parameters with accuracy. More importantly, the numerical results showed to what extent the several TMD techniques revealed to be effective for the seismic response reduction.

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