The target of our present research is to develop a river monitoring instrument equipped with electricity power generator to supply for its own demand by utilizing energy of flow of the river. To apply this instrument to natural river, its generator should be simple, small and durable with wide flow velocity range of operation. In this paper, the vibration induced by the trailing vortex (T-VIV) on a cruciform circular-cylinder/strip-plate system is firstly introduced compared with the well-known Ka´rma´n vortex excitation (K-VIV). Secondly, a design for a generator utilizing the T-VIV is presented. Thirdly, an estimation technique for electricity power extracted from the vortex induced vibration (VIV) and a design guide for power generation module obtaining the maximum power are proposed. Finally, using the estimation technique to the T-VIV in air, an estimation of oscillation behavior and power generation performance of an T-VIV generator module applied to water flow are presented.

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