An innovative technique for simulating moving valve problems in liquid rocket testing facilities using cryogenic working fluids has been developed. This strategy uses a novel library grid approach in conjunction with an elasticity based grid movement solver with a multi-element unstructured CFD framework. The numerical formulation is based on a compressible gas-liquid framework that accurately models cavitation and multi-phase mixture acoustics while accounting for real fluids property variation. Demonstration of transient moving valve simulations for valve configurations operated at NASA SSC have been carried out for two different valves with very different plug operating profiles. The results are in good agreement with testing data for variable displacement plug motion as well as quasi-steady simulations for slow operating valves. Valve response to varying operating conditions such as plug speed can be predicted using the developed tool. This technique can also serve to analyze problems of valve stall, valve timing/scheduling and can reduce need for expensive activation runs at test facilities.

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