Nowadays, sustainable development is becoming a worldwide growing concern for the shipping industry. The overall aim of this paper is to develop a holistic method to enhance sustainable design at the design stage of Offshore Supply Vessels. The process and practice of deciding on the alternative hull & structure materials are presented in the case study to verify and validate the method. The technique includes four main parts. Firstly, Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment, which was developed from Life Cycle Assessment, and which has been carried out to analyze the environmental, economic, and social impacts. Secondly, Monetary Valuation is used to convert the results of the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment. Moreover, Life Cycle Sustainability Costing is used as an accounting tool to aggregate the results from the Monetary Valuation, including environmental cost, economic cost, and social cost. Finally, the results of Life Cycle Sustainability Costing have been analyzed through Sensitivity Analysis to interpret and make sound recommendations. The novelty of this research is the combination of the different methods, as well as its application to Offshore Supply Vessels.

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