To meet the needs of weight-light of ships, topology optimization for oil tankers has been proven to be more effective and promising. Nevertheless, due to its characteristics of topology optimization, massive restriction conditions and load-cases, long-time calculation and differences of the strain energy between different load-cases, there are still problems during this process. The objective of this article is to discuss topology optimization design of primary support members in cargo tank region for oil tankers. Here we select SIMP algorithm as the topology algorithm to achieve optimization design of the cargo tank structures. Main control parameters of topology optimization such as optimization subjects, optimization variables, design regions, restrictions, weight of load-cases and volume fractions are all in consideration. The modeling methods and analytical methods of topology optimization are expounded based on HCSR. According to the study, we conclude a detail topology optimization process of primary support members for oil tankers under complex constraints and complex forces. A case is given of an oil tanker with a single longitudinal bulkhead to explain the algorithm and achieve clear topology configuration.

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