Station-keeping using mooring lines is an important part of the design of floating offshore platforms, and has been used on most types of floating platforms, such as Spar, Semi-submersible, and FPSO. It is of great interest to monitor the integrity of the mooring lines to detect any damaged and/or failures.

This paper presents a method to train an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model for damage detection of mooring lines based on a patented methodology that uses detection of subtle shifts in the long drift period of a moored floating vessel as an indicator of mooring line failure, using only GPS monitoring. In case of an FPSO, the total mass or weight of the vessel is also used as a variable. The training of the ANN model employs a back-propagation learning algorithm and an automatic method for determination of ANN architecture.

The input variables of the ANN model can be derived from the monitored motion of the platform by GPS (plus vessel’s total mass in case of an FPSO), and the output of the model is the identification of a specific damaged mooring line. The training and testing of the ANN model use the results of numerical analyses for a semi-submersible offshore platform with twenty mooring lines for a range of metocean conditions. The training data cover the cases of intact mooring lines and a damaged line for two selected adjacent lines.

As an illustration, the evolution of the model at various training stages is presented in terms of its accuracy to detect and identify a damaged mooring line. After successful training, the trained model can detect with great fidelity and speed the damaged mooring line. In addition, it can detect accurately the damaged mooring line for sea states that are not included in the training. This demonstrates that the model can recognize and classify patterns associated with a damaged mooring line and separate them from patterns of intact mooring lines for sea states that are and are not included in the training.

This study demonstrates a great potential for the use of a more general and comprehensive ANN model to help monitor the station keeping integrity of a floating offshore platform and the dynamic behavior of floating systems in order to forecast problems before they occur by detecting deviations in historical patterns.

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