Accidents by trawling impact have the potential of environmental consequences, in terms of safety, monetary values and reputation. Aware of this situation a technology development plan on “Pipeline subject to high interference loads” has been established at STATOIL in close collaboration with GASSCO. The overall achievement is to adapt and introduce more reliable assessment methods in the load and response of pipelines under a trawling impact scenario. Polymeric coating systems have been manly designed and used as thermal isolating material for flow assurance; and little attention has been addressed to mechanical benefits to dissipate energy by large deformation. This property is of special interest to handle impact events typically found during the trawl board impact scenario. The experimental results show the beneficial effect of polymeric coating to protect the steel pipe against indentation when compared to an uncoated system. The results presented in this work focus on new developed analytical expressions to predict the force-dent response of polymeric coated steel pipes using a numerical-experimental research methodology. The proposed equations are validated against experimental tests and the findings indicate fairly good predictions.

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