This study performed the simulation to identify the effects of sorption behavior about inflow performance relationship in the coalbed. In the conventional gas reservoir without sorption, the turbulence flow is gradually generated as the pressure drop between the reservoir and bottom-hole is higher. Thus, it is ineffective production method for maximizing the pressure difference due to turbulence flow. In the CBM reservoir within sorption, the deliverability exponent becomes higher with increasing desorption gas. As the Langmuir volume ranges from 200 to 250 SCF/ton, it has been observed that the deliverability exponent exceeds the standard range from 0.5 to 1.0. When the deliverability exponent increases, the effects on pressure drop about production rate are preferred. Consequently, it was identified that it is effective production method for maximizing the pressure drop due to deliverability exponent in CBM field.

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