The gas leakage accidents always lead to great damages in the process of off-shore oil and gas treatment, consisting of health, wealth and environment losses. When leakage happens, the leakage duration, leak amount and other corresponding parameters are very important on the topic of emergency reaction and decision. The leaking process is complex and cumbersome, so the solving of the leakage problem could be quite difficult. On this point view, a specific and direct solution is given to the leakage problem on the basis of the leakage theory in this paper. According to the improved gas storage vessel leakage model, the mathematical differential method and discretization method are conducted to calculate the result of gaseous container leakage of any kind, consisting of leakage duration, leak amount, residual amount of gas and the residual pressure in the container. There are two probable flowing state of gas during the leakage. So, there is a requirement for different solving methods and principles for gas leakage in different flowing states. There is also calculation for residual amount of gas and residual gas pressure in the container at any given time point. The MATLAB program language is conducted to design the specific computing program and finish the GUI achievement of the program according to the fixed calculative methods and parameters concerned. Carry out the calculation of a fictive leakage problem with the designed MATLAB program, and get the result. It shows that the computing program comes to good leakage result, and the program can also result in acceptable outcome at any chosen time point on the issue of calculating residual amount and residual pressure of gas in the container. The computing program can solve the leakage problem veritably to some degree.

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