Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) plays an important role in predicting the fluid characteristics throughout the engineering practice. With the developing of computers and CFD software, it has become a powerful tool in the hydrodynamics area. In this paper, the hydrodynamic characteristics of dredging dustpan internal flow field on the coastal engineering are further studied using CFD as a modeling and calculation tool. It is implemented in such way that the ICEM CFD software has been firstly employed to establish the full dredging dustpan model and gridding, the numerical simulation of internal flow field is then accurately performed by the FLUENT code under the conditions of different slurry concentration and particle diameter working on the dredging dustpan. Based on the calculation results, the effect of different slurry concentration and particle diameter on the dredging and transporting efficiency of dustpan is presented and discussed. It is shown that when the slurry concentration is low, particle diameter plays a leading role, and suction efficiency is proportional to particle diameter. However, the slurry concentration plays an important role and is inversely proportional to the suction efficiency as it is in a high level. It has been demonstrated that the present study is efficient and accurate for the numerical simulation of the dredging dustpan internal flow field.

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