This paper presents test results on temporary-creep properties, recovery of strain post creep and post-creep tensile properties of a Raschel knitted netting material with a combination of UHMWPE and Polyester fibres. Specimens of the material were subjected to uniaxial loading over a period of 30 minutes, at a constant creep target load of 10–90 % of average tensile strength. The specimens were wet and tested in room temperature.

The netting structure experienced significant creep strain, with mean values in the range of 1.3–4.5 %, increasing with increased creep target load. Large proportions of the elongation accumulated during on-loading and creep were long lasting and possibly permanent. Tensile tests showed that for the highest creep target load, strength and elongation at break increased by 17 %.

The UHMWPE-netting experienced larger creep strains than PA6-netting for relatively large creep target loads (60–90 % of the average breaking strength), while creep strains were smaller for low loads. PA6-netting had a larger and faster recovery of strain post creep than the UHMWPE-netting, and the length and force at break were not significantly affected by the creep load history.

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