A state-of-the-art small-scale solid state forge welding machine has been fabricated for checking weldability by Shielded Active Gas Forge Welding (SAG-FW) of tubular products applicable predominantly for, but not limited to offshore Industries. Effective, fast and inexpensive welding and testing of joints make this small-scale method suitable for evaluating weldability of a material before starting regular qualification and fabrication in a full-scale welding machine normally located in spool base or offshore. The small-scale machine provides a complete package for pre-qualification studies, including assessment of welding conditions, material flow behavior, heat treatment options. However, there are considerable challenges relating to application of international standards of testing as well as interpretation and use of results in the context of large-scale welding. In this paper results from small-scale welding and weld characterization of an API 5L X65 quality are presented. First, a detailed test plan for analyzing the weld is outlined. This procedure is subsequently applied for checking the welds to be produced in the full-scale machine. Short-comings in using the small-scale process as well as the possible remedies are discussed in detail.

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