The DNV-RP-C203 Fatigue Design of Offshore Steel Structures is being used by a number of different companies for fatigue assessment of different types of structures. This has resulted in questions to DNV about background for the different sections in the document. It is therefore important that the basis for this document is open to the industry. Quite a lot of the background material has also been published earlier at conferences and in journals. In some situations it has been found that the content can be improved to better suite the industry. The document is presented in an electronic version making revisions easy. Therefore it has been revised several times since the last official presentation of a revision in 2005. The present paper gives an overview of the most significant changes made in the document since the 2005 revision. Some of these changes are already included in the present version of DNV-RP-C203. The remaining changes will be included in a revision dated 2010.

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