A series of well-known tubular joints tested in UKSORP II have been re-evaluated using the mesh-insensitive structural stress method as a part of the on-going Battelle Structural Stress JIP efforts. In this report, the structural stress based analysis procedure is first presented for applications in tubular joints varying from simple T joints, double T Joints, YT joints with overlap and K joints with various internal stiffening configurations. The structural stress based SCFs are then compared with those obtained using traditional surface extrapolation based hot spot stress methods. Their abilities in effectively correlating the fatigue data collected from these tubular joints are demonstrated. These tests are also compared with the T curve typically used for fatigue design of tubular joints as well as the structural stress based master S-N curve adopted by ASME Section VIII Div 2. Finally, some of the implications on fracture mechanics based remaining life assessment for tubular joints are discussed in light of the results obtained in this investigation.

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