A state of the art non-ship-shaped FPSO vessel for the applications to the frontier fields, including arctic, deepwater and harsh environment, is introduced in this paper. Its application towards arctic field is described more elaborately. The need for such a vessel and its feasibility are emphasized herein. As a first phase of the study, extensive physical large scale model test is performed with dis-connectable turret mooring for application in the arctic summer environment in shallow water. The arctic environment with ice conditions require turret mooring system for the vessel with the capability that the platform is removable in emergency conditions e.g., approaching icebergs. Here, the motion behavior of the vessel in waves with 100% turret mooring is determined physically in the tank test. For wave conditions in another field location in the world with clear water, the vessel is also needed to be designed with a 100% conventional mooring system. Hence, the effect of different kinds of mooring system, including 50% vessel and 50% turret mooring, on the vessel behavior is studied. Key results on the comparison of test vs. analysis results are presented in this paper. These results are considered of immense interest and add value to the Oil and Gas industry.

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