Until now, Korean aquaculture industry has been grown largely in quality and quantity. However, an increase of quantity has caused lots of problems like sea pollution lately. Nearly 82% of Korean aquaculture farms had been installed mainly at inshore of the southern sea, so, sewage, factory wastes, high density of farms at the limited area and autoinfection have deteriorated inshore fisheries. Now, the open sea has been on the rise for the solution to these problems since it has clear seawater that will expect to decrease the environmental pollution with much current. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to move the existing fish cages to the open sea due to the rough environmental conditions such as higher waves, strong currents etc.; therefore, it is necessary to develop new fish cage equipment that will fully meet the open sea conditions. In this research, the theoretical study and experimental analysis have been carried out for the structural fish cage design which is feasible for the open sea.

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