The use of moonpools in offshore technology are normally related to the hull opening in drilling units with the objective to protect drilling equipment from environmental forces, and its design aims the minimum motion of the water inside the moonpool, avoiding water impacts when lowering an equipment. Several studies have been carried out to predict the water dynamics inside the moonpool. At most, analytical tools have been used with experimental results, to obtain a good evaluation of viscous effects. Another line of development uses the moonpools as a device to reduce motions of ships or oil platforms. In his context, the use of moonpools in monocolumn type platforms was studied during the development of the concept, through the partnership between PETROBRAS and University of Sa˜o Paulo–USP. An alternative that became viable in the last years is the use of numerical methods to evaluate potencial parameters, being only necessary simple experiments to obtains viscous data to complete the model. This work, that is a continuation of articles about the issue written before, intends to consolidate the calculation method of moonpool to monocolumn units.

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