With the new sceneries of oil exploration in ultra deep waters that move forward to 3000 m, it has been putting for the companies that accepted this technological challenge significant border of the techno-scientific knowledge. Therefore, in this cases of ultra deep waters, where the use of the polyester synthetic rope in the Petrobras Floating Production Units, is present, it can appears the need replace. THE NEED TO LOOK FOR A SOLUTION FOR THE RELATIVE PROBLEMS THE CHANGES OF THE POLYESTER ROPE IN THE PRODUCTION PLATFORMS WITHOUT THE CHANGE OF THE EXTENSION OF BOTTOM AND OF ITS FUNDATION (FIXED POINT). THEREFORE, APPEARS THE KS HOOK AND ITS OTIMIZATION UNDER THE OPTICS OF THE CONCEPTS OF THE MECHANICS OF THE FRACTURE AND OF THE TOOLS EXISTENT COMPUTACIONAIS (MEF AND MOORING SOFTWARE). This way it was needed to make available for the Mooring System a connection Device and remote disconnection for permanent use in production and drilling units. This device, already approved for the classifying society, it is the hook KS32/40/50, one of the first open device used in permanent mooring systems in the world. This device presents as fundamental characteristic, the easy installation for at adverse environmental condition in Campos’ Basin, where the sea is Bimodal and Bi-directional (sea in development).

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