At present, the vascular tissue disease has become the major cause to against people’s health, vascular graft is an effective means for the treatment of vascular tissue disease, but the preservation of blood vessels has always been a big challenge. This paper based on the conduct of porcining aortic cryofreeze-drying, with using micro-CT to track the whole drying process, expect to reveal what vascular morphology changes have taken place during the process of cryofreeze-drying, and take a comparative analysis of porcine aortic mechanical properties between freeze-dried after the restoration of water and fresh porcine aortic by the Texture analyzer, so that uncover the effect the process of freeze-dried making on pig arteries mechanical properties. Test results showed that the pig aorta vascular occur stratification in the process of cryofreeze-drying, blood vessels freeze-dried following the resumption of water comparing the mechanical properties with the fresh blood vessels, its maximum axial tensile stress reduced by about 40%, and the largest peripheral tensile stress increase by about 45%, and the biggest puncture stress is about 75 percent of fresh blood vessels.

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