In this paper, we present an electromagnetic targeting system with semi-circular configuration for navigating endo-bronchoscope. This system consists of a magnetic-flux emitting electromagnets-arrays fixed on a semi-circular mechanical-support, magnetic-flux receiving electromagnets, and a magnetic-flux concentrator (i.e., silicon-steel collar) which fixed on distal end of a guide sheath of the endo-bronchoscope. In initial state, when the emitting electromagnets produce magnetic flux in sequence, the receiving electromagnets receive the magnetic flux and consequently produce voltage outputs by the electromagnetic induction. When the silicon-steel collar with the guide sheath travels through the system, the magnetic flux is concentrated by the collar. Thus, the voltage outputs of the receiving electromagnets are changed. By analyzing the change of voltage outputs, the location of the silicon-steel collar with the guide sheath is obtained/targeted. This means that the location of the endo-bronchoscope is also targeted.

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