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Proc. ASME. IMECE2021, Volume 9: Engineering Education, V009T09A032, November 1–5, 2021
Paper No: IMECE2021-70484
... as an important variable. Since vapor pressure is the force per unit area resulting from molecular collisions, and osmosis occurs with liquid on both sides of the membrane, I proposed that free molecules must exist in pure liquids and solids. Osmosis; evaporation; condensation; boiling; applications; mathematical...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2020, Volume 11: Heat Transfer and Thermal Engineering, V011T11A008, November 16–19, 2020
Paper No: IMECE2020-24133
...INVESTIGATION OF GRAVITY EFFECTS ON ELECTRICALLY DRIVEN LIQUID FILM FLOW BOILING: A MICRO-GRAVITY FLIGHT CAMPAIGN IN PREPARATION OF ISS EXPERIMENT Alexander J. Castaneda1, Nathaniel J. O Connor, Jamal Yagoobi Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA ABSTRACT The ongoing development of modern...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2011, Volume 1: Advances in Aerospace Technology; Energy Water Nexus; Globalization of Engineering; Posters, 765-770, November 11–17, 2011
Paper No: IMECE2011-63525
... 02 08 2012 Recent small electronic equipments with various functions require extreme increase of heat transfer rate per unit surface. Current small electronic equipments’ cooling abilities have limitation with its heat transfer rate. Boiling is one of the solutions for this problem...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2009, Volume 9: Heat Transfer, Fluid Flows, and Thermal Systems, Parts A, B and C, 1691-1700, November 13–19, 2009
Paper No: IMECE2009-12530
... 07 07 2010 Measurements of space and time resolved heat transfer during lateral bubble merger during subcooled pool boiling of pentane in earth gravity environments were obtained using a microscale heater array. Data from individual heater elements in the array were synchronized...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2007, Volume 11: Micro and Nano Systems, Parts A and B, 437-446, November 11–15, 2007
Paper No: IMECE2007-42458
... investigated extensively. In the present work, experiments are conducted to investigate the local flow boiling heat transfer in microchannel heat sinks. The effect of channel size on the heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop is studied for mass fluxes ranging from 250 to 1600 kg/m 2 s. The test sections...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2003, Heat Transfer, Volume 4, 153-161, November 15–21, 2003
Paper No: IMECE2003-42926
... 13 05 2008 In this paper we present results of experimental and molecular dynamics computational investigations of boiling of dielectric liquids with smooth surfaces, with micro-scale porous coatings, and on manufactured corrugated and micro scale pin fin enhanced surfaces. The boiling...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2004, Heat Transfer, Volume 2, 637-643, November 13–19, 2004
Paper No: IMECE2004-61292
... 31 03 2008 This paper describes a study focused on heat and mass transfer through various porous media involving both boiling and transpiration. Heat was supplied to a porous structure immersed in water. Water was boiled at the base of the porous material and in some cases advected...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2005, Advanced Energy Systems, 157-170, November 5–11, 2005
Paper No: IMECE2005-82865
... refrigeration circuits. VER generates ~1000 Btu of “free” cold per pound of wastewater or ammonia. The introduced high performance microstructure of compound electrohydrodynamic (EHD) boundary microsystems intensifies nucleate boiling, preventing dryout. The coils of the microwires adjoin to the boiling surface...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2005, Heat Transfer, Part A, 749-754, November 5–11, 2005
Paper No: IMECE2005-81255
... 05 02 2008 An empirical study of pool nucleate boiling enhanced with a microporous coating was conducted within the context of microprocessor cooling. A thermal test vehicle (TTV) emulated the heat load from a general purpose microprocessor and was used to deliver a non uniform heat...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2005, Heat Transfer, Part A, 633-642, November 5–11, 2005
Paper No: IMECE2005-79555
... 05 02 2008 Flow boiling heat transfer in a microchannel heat sink is experimentally investigated. The microchannels considered are 275 μm wide and 636 μm deep, and the experiments are conducted at inlet water temperatures in the range of 66 to 95°C and mass fluxes of 341 to 936 kg/m 2...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2005, Fluids Engineering, 349-357, November 5–11, 2005
Paper No: IMECE2005-82340
... 28 01 2008 A physical and mathematical model has been developed to predict the two-phase flow and heat transfer in a microchannel with boiling. Based on the above physical model, a total of seven unknowns with corresponding equations resulted. The liquid film thickness, the vapor...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2006, Heat Transfer, Volume 2, 303-308, November 5–10, 2006
Paper No: IMECE2006-14573
... 25 01 2008 In this paper, flow patterns and their transitions for refrigerant R134a boiling in a microfinned helically coiled tube are experimentally observed and analyzed. All the flow patterns occurred in the test can be divided into three dominant regimes, stratified-wavy flow...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2006, Heat Transfer, Volume 2, 399-408, November 5–10, 2006
Paper No: IMECE2006-16146
... cooling with fluorocarbons have shown the effectiveness of boiling enhancement structures in lowering boiling incipience, raising the critical heat flux and reducing evaporator size. Two-phase thermosyphons are an alternative to liquid immersion cooling, where phase change liquid cooling can...