This paper presents a new method, multiple time-varying parameter (MTVP) turning for chatter suppression. Compared to the single time-varying parameter (STVP) turning, the new method uses both time-varying spindle speed and time-varying rake angle to suppress chatter. The paper provides theoretical analyses on the MTVP turning and experimental results to justify the analytical results. It compares the effects of chatter suppression between the MTVP and STVP turnings, and discusses the possible mechanisms of chatter suppression. The paper then concludes that the MTVP turning method is more effective in chatter suppression than the STVP turning method because of the combined effect of the multiple time-varying parameters. It is demonstrated that the MTVP turning method can suppress chatter by 80%, and can be applied to suppress all kinds of chatter in a machining process.

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