This paper presents a new approach to noninvasive, continuous monitoring of arterial blood pressure for advanced cardiovascular diagnoses. Most of the current noninvasive, continuous blood pressure measurement devices are mechanically intrusive and, therefore, cannot be used for long-term ambulatory monitoring. This new approach requires only simple, noninvasive monitoring devices such as finger photo plethysmographs and an electrical impedance plethysmograph (EIP) to monitor the dynamic behavior of the arterial blood flow. In this approach, measured signals from these noninvasive sensors on an arterial segment are integrated to estimate the blood pressure based on a hemodynamic model using a Kalman filter. It is shown that the internal variables such as the arterial blood pressure of the arterial segment can be estimated based on the measurements even though the observability condition of the system may not be met. Simulation results indicate that the approach can generate an accurate estimation of the arterial blood pressure in real-time even from noisy sensor signals.

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