In this study, design, modelling and control of a clutched parallel elastically actuated articulated leg is presented. Clutch mechanism is introduced to disengage the parallel elastic element when it is not needed. Some of the design principles concerning the ease of manufacturing and assembly are underlined. While the system has two joints at hip and knee that can be actuated, for simplicity, restrained motion of the system in vertical direction is considered only with hip actuation. Controller is based on a template model and the desired motion is obtained by equating (embedding) dynamics of the physical system (anchor) to the template model. Spring loaded inverted pendulum (SLIP) model including a virtual viscous damper is chosen as the template. Controller decides on the virtual damping constant in the template to reach desired apex positions. A wrapping cam mechanism is introduced to equate the potential energy function of the parallel spring to the desired linear spring of SLIP model. To complete embedding, necessary torque is calculated by equating the virtual works of the inputs. Overall, simulation of the hopping system and the important aspects of design are presented.

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