Displacement and stress fields in a functionally graded (FG) fiber-reinforced rotating annular disk with a non-uniform thickness profile, subjected to angular deceleration and a temperature profile were investigated. Unidirectional fibers were considered to be circumferentially distributed within the disk with fiber volume fraction changing radially. The governing equations for displacement, stress, and temperature fields were solved using finite difference method. The results indicated that thermal induced stresses were more dominate than the rotational induced stresses. Disks which were fiber rich at the inner radius, the fibers made negligible difference on the displacement and stress fields when compared to a homogenous disk made from the matrix material. In addition, it was found that the deceleration magnitude had no effect on the radial and hoop stresses, nor the temperature on the developed shear stress. The shear stress was only affected by the disk deceleration. Tsai-Wu failure criterion was applied for decelerating disks to ascertain their failure behavior. The results show that Tsai-Wu failure index is dominated by the thermal stresses.

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