A two-wavelength thermoreflectance (2WTR) imaging technique is developed to conduct steady-state temperature measurement of miniature electronic devices, such as micro-scale gold resistors. Compared with traditional single wavelength thermoreflectance (TR) imaging requiring comparison of TR signals from a target under heated and unheated conditions, 2WTR method obtains temperature information from heated target under operation directly. Therefore, 2WTR is not affected by movement of a heated target due to thermal expansion. Note that thermal expansion of targets between heated and unheated conditions is a main constraint of current TR imaging of miniature targets. In addition to the low sensitivity to the target movement, the new 2WTR can provide even higher temperature resolution than single wavelength TR by appropriately selecting the adopted two wavelength to have different signs of TR coefficients. With this new TR imaging technique, we successfully measure temperature distribution of a microscale gold resistor under steady-state operation, which are challenging to be obtained by traditional single wavelength TR method.

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